If you were anything like me, as a kid you were pretty active, but the older you got, the more stationary you became! In high school, you were always the last kid finishing laps, the last kid to be chosen for a team, let's face it we're not "athletic". Well I'm here to change all that for you! In my own search for a fit body I've transformed myself into a capable Girl of Fitness, who now would be far from last being picked for a team!

Now I am here to help YOU. If you are looking to transform YOUR body, 
and are ready to commit, then I have a couple of options for you to get started!

30/60/90 Day Fitness Challenge

​Every first Monday of the month I coach a variety of fitness support groups. 
A fitness challenge pack includes:
  •  Fitness Program
  •  Custom Supplemental Meal Plan 
  •  30 day supply of Shakeology (flavor of your choice!)
  •  Free 30-day trial to Beachbody Club Membership
  •  FREE one on one Coaching with me!
  •  Private Facebook Online Accountability Group
  •  Eligibility to win $500-$100,000
  •  Free t-shirt upon completion of the program

Check in with my Facebook page to see when I will be hosting our next Fitness Support Group- be sure to check out the shop to see all the fitness programs available! Send me a message if you have any questions or need help getting started! 

Already have a Beachbody program? That's ok! Message me on how to join in on the fun! 

3-Day Refresh 

We all need a little Re-freshening in our lives wouldn't you say? Instead of starving yourself on impractical detoxes and cleanses, try this instead! Feed your body what it needs to lose the bloat, those bothersome last few pounds, or break through that plateau! Expect to lose between 2 and 10 lbs in 3 days.
Your kit includes:

•30 Day Supply of Shakeology (your daily dose of dense nutrition)
• Vanilla Fresh Protein Shakes (6)
• Fiber Sweep Drinks (3)
• Nutrition Plan
• Recipes that are Refresh-approved
• Support Group
•Me as your coach

Feel free to message me to find out when my next
3-Day Refresh Support Group begins!! 

     I am a COACH, I am not a Fitness Expert, or Nutritionist, but I am a woman on a mission! I mean business! I have done my research, I have done my share of work-outs, I have a support system I am willing to share with you, and YES I have already done the work for you to find what WORKS and what does not! So what are you waiting for? Your best self is only 30 days away!

For more details on the different programs 
be sure to check out my shop!



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