She Decided To Start Living The Life She Imagined

Let me guess when you were a kid you had such BIG dreams for your life! You knew deep down inside you were the Hero of your story. And your life was going to be AMAZING! Then as you grew up you started noticing this wasn't the life you'd imagined.  Have you ever felt like you're not living YOUR life? 

Don't worry- it's not too late! I know this is how I had felt, so I decided to make a change and start living the life I had imagined! I'm Bethanie, since 2013, I have been helping women create the lives they desire. This is my PASSION- empowering women, giving them the tools to be successful, to be healthy, and to be happy creating their DREAM life! 

I work one one one with women to help them achieve their fitness and business goals. Fitness? Yes, I believe making your health a priortiy is the first step in taking control of your life. Not to worry I will guide you every step of the way. I offer monthly online "Success & Support" groups privately through Facebook. There I will get you into the best shape of your life and give you the tools to create a living for yourself, and you will begin livingYOUR dream life! 

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