Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bombshell Tea Party

    This past weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a Tea Party for my lovely Bombshells (aka my Team of Coaches). It being summer time, a lot of them couldn't make it, but I am so grateful to the beautiful ladies who did! Because we had a blast! Have you ever thrown a Tea Party? I think my last Tea Party I had was my 8th Birthday!! Haha that's what makes it so fun, recreating childhood parties as an adult. Gotta keep yourself young and still love to play!

Enjoy some photos and ideas on how to host your own fabulous tea party!!

Be sure to pick a pretty location, try a nearby park, 
or maybe your backyard has a nice space! 

Have lots of flowers! Flowers bring the femininity to a tea party. Create multiple bouquets in different sizes. You can find vases in a variety of shapes and sizes at your local thrift store! 

Find silver trays to display your cute treats! 

Display your teas! You are in fact at a TEA party! Find teas at your local Whole Foods store, also be sure to have a selection for your guests to have plenty of fun flavors to choose from! 

You can find all kind of fun tea cakes or tarts in your bakery. Or you can try making some of your own! Pinterest has lots of great recipes for tea inspired treats! I made these mini PB&J sandwiches myself and used a cookie cutter to shape the white bread! Super easy and makes your sandwiches ADORABLE!

Emilee and Robin
Invite your sweet guests!

Be sure to wear something cute and frilly! Something you'd see the Queen of England wear! And don't forget your floppy hat!

And of course take cute pictures with your friends while enjoying your tea party!!

Don't forget you're never too old to have fun!

Will I see you at our next event? Isn't about time you were a Bombshell?