Tuesday, July 15, 2014

PiYo Update

          I started my own Support Group via FB for the program PiYo and we're calling it the "PiYo Party". It's a party because everyday it's so fun to check in with each other and share our sweaty work out pics as well as recipes, and any other motivation or support that has helped us. So far my girls and I are already into Week 3 of PiYo!! Holy cow that went fast! And let me tell you this program is a complete change of pace compared to the other programs I've done (Insanity, Brazil Butt Lift, 21 Day Fix...) It is so much slower! And it's actually quite refreshing...  In our daily lives most of us are constantly GO GO GO GOING, but with PiYo it forces you to slow down, focus on your breathing, focus on your form, and feel the exercise and stretch.

  This third week is my first week of the work out "Buns"- holy cow favorite routine yet! 30 minutes of lower body work and boy can you feel it in your booty the entire time! I've done a bunch of other butt work outs before but I felt this was a great combo of all of them, so I cannot wait to see the results from it!

   A lot of people feel that the only way to lose weight is by dying in a pool of sweat on the floor. But this isn't the only way. Some people don't even sweat, some people don't even feel sore after an intense work out. Everyone's genetics are different so don't compare yourself to others. I've seen a lot of varied results so far with PiYo so just understand that your body IS getting healthy, and yes you won't be dying at the end of a work out but you are improving and lengthening your body. My friend has improved her posture and no longer has back pain after only 4 weeks. Just like with the Ultimate Reset, you may not see immediate results on the outside but rest assured you are changing, just give it time and keep it up!

Here's a few comments from my girls from PiYo Party:

"I loved buns! That workout is my new favorite!"

"Also, I have only had one bite of something sugary in the last week! My whole family had ice cream last night but not me  Didn't even want it."

 "I am doing core for the first time tonight and I am excited about that one. I am not sure which one I like the most. I really like them all. For someone who has a regular yoga practice I have to say that they all challenge me. This is why it is PiYo and not Yoga. I am happy though because it is helping me with my yoga. I guess because it is pushing me. Love it!"

"So I weighed myself today... And I am now 128 lbs. haven't been under 130 in a couple years. Definitely happy news."

"Forgot a pic but did Buns today and boy my outer thighs were burning! Had chicken fajitas for dinner and planned for dinner by eating less earlier today."

"I just wanted to share a success I had this morning with you. I tried on a pair of pants this morning that have always been tight on my thighs (even pregnancy). I wore them a couple of weeks ago but they were still tight on my thighs. Well this morning I put them on and they're not tight anymore!"

"Had a strawberry-vanilla-banana shakeo on the way to work for breakfast! Still sore but a different kind of sore than usual strength training...sort of a fatigue/fainlty-sore-all-over kind of thing. Which is awesome."

Check out some of the moves of PiYo below....

Don't make fun of my downward dog- room for improvement!

Wonderful stretch!

Be sure to check back next week for my 30 Day Results!