Thursday, July 31, 2014

6 Tips to Help Sore Muscles

Hahaha I hope you enjoyed my friend Caleb Thomas' video "Leg Day"!!

       Let me guess you can barely walk today... going down the stairs looks like a nightmare. Going to the bathroom is just out of the question. I know for me there are some days I can't even roll over in bed, or even put a t-shirt on!!
Owwwww owowowowwwwie!!

If it's killing you to deal with this then 
try these 6 Tips to help relieve your pain!

1. Water
Duh! You should be drinking plenty of water before, during, and after your work out! Keeping your body hydrated will help relieve some of that tightness as well as not make your muscles cramp! Don't know how much you should be drinking? Try drinking AT LEAST half your body weight in ounces. I weight 150lbs so I drink at least 75oz a day. So drink up!!

2. Work-Out
Wha? But I'm already sore, and I think it'll kill me to even try! Actually it won't you big baby! You'll actually feel so much better once you start getting your body moving again. Don't work out as hard as you did to get sore in the first place but get your body warmed up. Once you get beyond the initial pain, "Ouch ouchie..eee not happenin..." your body will release the tension and you'll no longer be sore! So get back out there- your body will thank you!

3. Stretch
You don't necessarily need to stretch before a work out, but a warm up is always required so you don't hurt yourself and you get your blood flowin! But be sure to stretch after your work out. Don't run off after you're finished and forget everything you just did. Take 5 minutes and stretch out those muscles that just worked so hard! Stretching will reduce muscle soreness!

4. Massage /Foam Roller
OK trust me I don't have a personal masseuse either but that's where my foam roller comes in handy! But if you can, maybe after an intense week, treat yourself to a massage. Or get your boyfriend to do that! You can thank me later for what happens next!! ;) Haha jk! But if you don't have a willing hand or local massage place, grab yourself a foam roller! Use it to roll out all your kinks, and trust me it hurts bad at first, but it'll feel better the more you do it! Need some foam rolling exercises click here!

5. Epsom Salt Bath
Alright now that you're all rolled out, give yourself a mini spa experience! Take a bath! Run some warm water and pour some epsom salts in it. This will be a nice relaxing break for you and you'll let your body just soak and you'll feel so much better afterwards.

6. Rest
Hey imagine that! Your body is tired after all that work! It's ok to take a day off and just let yourself recooperate. An important part of working out is also giving your body time to heal after you've ripped and stretched your muscles. Then they can grow back bigger and stronger. So take a load off, put your feet up, or head to bed early. You deserve it after all your hard work!