Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Benefits of a Foam Roller


           I don't know about you but I use to think those weird foam cylinders sitting in the corner belonged in an old folks home! Foam at the gym, in my mind, belonged with the Senior Citizen's Water Aerobic class! Why would I use those? They must be for OLD people!

           Turns out they're not! Crazy actually how my perspective was completely off and actually the toughest atheletes use them! And doctors compare foam rollers, to getting a DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE! What?! You mean I can get the same benefits from a piece of foam as going to my expensive Spa lady! Cause you all know I'm that cool to have an "expensive Spa lady". Haha! Heck ya I want to get a daily massage!

         Foam Rolling is just as important as your normal stretching! It can help prevent common exercise injuries! It prevents build up and increases blood flow! What is also cool, foam rolling elongates and lengthens your muscles!  After a work out, do a proper foam rolling sesh (5-10mins) and it will release the tension in your muscles, and help you not to be sore and recover faster!

       My favorite part, since I don't see my "expensive Spa Lady" enough is, that when you foam roll, you release the tension, essentially you're finding those knots in your body and working them out! Doing your own massage! If you find a spot that is SORE, you found an area that needs special attention. Hold it there for 15-30 seconds, then roll it all out!

Don't skip your regular stretching, or warm ups/cool downs, but just add this to your routine! 

Let's go over the benefits of Foam Rolling: 
  • Prevents common exercise injuries
  • Increase blood flow
  • Relseases tension in the muscles
  • Won't be sore
  • Recover Faster
  • Elongates Muscles
  • Lengthens Muscles
  • Increases Flexibility 
  • Helps De-Stress

Here are 6 Routines to get your Foam Rollin' On!!

Step 1: Put the roller under your ankles
Step 2: Roll forward, controlling the movement with your arms
Step 3: Roll back, and repeat Step 2

Step 1: Roller goes right underneath your knees
Step 2: Roll your body forward so the roller goes to your booty
Step 3: Roll back and repeat Step 2

Step 1: Lay on your side with the roller above your knee
Step 2: Roll it up your body
Step 3: Roll down and repeat Step 2 (WARNING: I find this one to be the most painful!)

Step 1: Place roller under your back right after your booty
Step 2: Roll your body forward so the roller goes up your body
Step 3: Roll back down and repeat Step 2

Step 1: Place roller mid back 
Step 2: Roll it up to your shoulders 
Step 3: Roll back down to your mid back, and repeat Step 2

Step 1: Lay on your stomach, put roller above your knees
Step 2: Pull your body forward so the roller comes up your quads
Step 3: Roll back to your starting position and repeat Step 2

Foam Rollers come in all sorts of sizes. Some are harder then others, others have molds into them. For my first foam roller I went with the most basic. You can purchase them at any Sporting Good's store, I bought my for $20. You  can check out the array of selection Beachbody sells here

FOAM ROLLING is not comfortable at first! It will hurt, it feels very hard on your body! But the more you do it, the more your body will adjust and THANK YOU for it! So do not put the roller away when you find it's not comfortable, keep at it! ;-)