Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fuel your Metabolism

        For years I thought if I just plopped myself on a treadmill and ate salad I would get skinny. Well it's taken years of that "theory" to prove to myself that that isn't so! I am not a fitness expert or a nutritionist so don't take my word as law. I started researching this year about Clean-Eating. A ginormous help was reading Tosca Reno's book "The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged". That really taught me what to eat and HOW to eat.

I learned how important it was TO EAT. You always think you need to eat less to lose weight. But really you need smaller portions but more often! So I eat about 5 times a day now! Crazy right!

A HUGE help also is to be sure to eat your breakfast!! Do not skip this meal! It fires up your metabolism so it's running all day long. Remember how I told you to eat more often, the reason to do this is because it makes your body keep burning the fat. Imagine your metabolsim is a fire, and it needs fuel. You gotta keep fueling the fire so it doesn't die! Try to fuel your fire with healthy foods every 3 hours! Burn baby burn!

           The example above proves how important it is to eat small meals through out the day. Did you know that by eating small meals more often, it makes your body burn those calories and turn them into energy. Your body goes into starvation mode when you only eat 3 meals a day. Your body thinks, "Oh well we're not going to eat for another 6-8 hours so I better store this as fat". WOAH! That's the last thing we want! Now we can eat more often and your metabolism works longer and harder so we can be sitting watching TV and we're burning fat! AMAZING! A dream come true! 

  • Start bringing a cooler with you to work so you can bring your own foods. That way you can eat your small meals and keep your metabolism working.
  •  Plan and prep your meals one day a week. Chop, and cut your veggies to make snack packs. Bake a lot of chicken and steam your rice. Have food ready to go, so when you are hungry and having to eat more often you already have food ready to go! Takes the guess work out of it, plus keeps you on track with your goals!

Having a hard time knowing what to eat for so many meals a day?
 Here's some example meal plans for you to try!

Make me your coach and I'll help you with more nutrition guide lines!