Saturday, September 28, 2013

Beachbody Coaching

Welcome to Team Beachbody - now hiring Beachbody coaches!

I am asked all the time "What exactly is coaching?" Let me answer that for you!  

 Beachbody's opportunity that allows us to help others while getting physically & financially fit!  

        I am looking to build a team of coaches that want to motivate, inspire, and help others with their fitness and financial goals! I LOVE my job, and I want to share it with you! I want to give YOU the opportunity that Beachbody has to offer so you can be living the life you deserve and desire! Maybe your drive comes from helping people get fit, making a little extra money or being your own boss, becoming a Team Beachbody coach offers unlimited opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a coach & why Beachbody?

  • As a coach, you are there to help motivate & guide others to achieve their fitness goals.
  • You provide guidance with meal plans and help customers make the best use out of Beachbody’s many online resources and tools.
  • You will help your customers troubleshoot issues and support them in their endeavor to meet their health and fitness goals - this is THE most rewarding job!
  • Coaching is NOT hard-selling!  Do you make a commission?  Yes, but you are filling someone's needs.
  • BeachBody's products are ALWAYS in demand - this is the #1 reason we signed up because we already knew & loved the products including P90X, INSANITY, Brazil Butt Lift, 10-Minute Trainer, Shakeology & more!
  • Beachbody is a highly reputable company with products featured on news media, in magazines, on talk shows, used by celeb’s, etc.
  • No stocking of product, or shipping products, or dealing with customer service issues.

    You DO NOT have to be a certified personal trainer, a nutritionist, or a medical expert.  
    You only have to have the desire to help yourself and others get fit!

    Basics About Making Money as a BeachBody Coach:

    • You make a 25% commission on all sales from your site!
    • You receive a 25% discounts on all products and programs.
    • You can also earn a Team Cycle Bonus (paid weekly!) if you decide to build a team.
    • If you do build your team with 2 or more coaches, you qualify for customer leads. These are the people that buy a program off television and do not have coach; Beachbody randomly assigns them to you. You then can make a 25% commission off of their future purchases.
    • Also, if you are growing your team and working your business each month you may also qualify for additional leads earning you at least $50-$100 each month!
    • Beachbody also rewards coaches that are doing well with monthly and yearly prizes ranging from clothing to iPads and trips. They also provide CORPORATE quarterly bonuses to the top coaches (which is not an impossible position to attain).

    How do I sign-up to coach & be the CEO of my own business?
    • There is a $39.99 fee to sign up to coach; however, this fee is waived if you buy a challenge pack or you or your spouse is active military.
    • After your first month, there is a $15.95 website fee which is there just to cover the cost of maintaining your online office and the hosting of your 4 customized websites!

             By joining my team, I will get you started with the training networks and give you the tools & tips needed to be successful.  This includes a 30 and 60 day step-by-step training as part of my team! This means I will guide and teach you how to make money and be successfull with YOUR business!

    Questions? Feel free to message me or find me on Facebook!