Thursday, November 6, 2014

It-Girl World is TRANSFORMING!!

It-Girl World is TRANSFORMING! No, not really but we have MOVED!! 

I can't believe the day is finally here!!! I have been waiting such a long time to finally birth this baby into existence!! Haha! If you are here for "It-Girl World" I need to give you an explanation on why I am changing things around! I have been feeling for a long time the need for change. And the older I've been getting the less I've been relating to the "It-Girl" persona! I feel now so much more like the WOMAN I am becoming.

I also wanted to share for all the Beachbody peeps. When I first started Beachbody I created the website "It-Girl World" since I had been dreaming about it for years when I was in the modeling industry (and obsessed with Gossip Girl). Then as I started growing my Beachbody business, my team started forming and I had to come up with a name at the drop of a hat. And I went with "Royal Bombshells" from the start I never connected to that name so it never sat well with me.

Then I struggled with correlating the two VERY different names, it was hard to have both of them go together. And both of them weren't really ME. So for a very long time I have been trying to find the epitome of me and a name that would resonate with my team, and the people I work with.

The more I learn about the Law of Attraction and how the Universe works, the more I understood that each of us are creators, and in that sense we are our own Gods and Goddesses (in our little worlds)! So since my team is mainly women, I started realizing we were a bunch of Goddesses.. see where I'm going with this.

(Bear with me I'm sharing with you all my train of thoughts coming up with the new name and theme haha) So since my team is a bunch of women who are learning about taking control of their lives, either financially, physically, mentally (usually all of the above) we are becoming better in ourselves so I wanted to express how we are all growing and "rising".

In my head I kept imagining the "lotus" symbol when I kept thinking about Goddess, and when I looked up the definition of lotus in the Buddhist culture, it was speaking about how the "lotus RISES above the mud" and BOOM! That just resonated with me so much!

LONG STORY SHORT, thank you all who got this far. I have renamed and rebuilt my website to "Goddess Rising" and re-branded my team. I am so grateful to them who all have been on board and have been patiently waiting. I love each one of them and wanted them to have a powerful, relate able, beautiful persona to represent each of them.

If this is your first time here, thank you for coming to this site, this is my first baby, I am debating whether I will eventually close her down, but for now she will stay up. I urge you all to head over to and check out my lovely new realm!! I am so excited to be blogging again and being able to help those with their fitness and financial goals. As well as just share my adventures and experiences with all! Please take a look around and check out all the fun posts we have! XO

Monday, September 8, 2014


I apologize to everyone that I haven't posted in what seems like ages! But I've been cooking up some BIG changes and we're starting to cull everything to be able to release the details. Check back in a week for the deets! 
Here's just a little sneak peek for those waiting patiently!

Urban dictionary: Goddess

      A woman who is so beautiful, brilliant, and wholesome that she is simply not like any other women on Earth and therefore possesses some sort of uncommon spiritual element that while is cannot be solidly defined it is clearly present..

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How to be Confident

     Think about the people you look up to and admire the most. I can tell you now they all have one thing in common. They aren't all necessarily fit, skinny, or the "pretty" girl. And maybe not everyone likes them. But what is the one trait that makes them light up a room? Confidence! How can I get that you're probably wondering? Well you don't have to go far.. Being confident starts with YOU. Want to start being happy being YOU? Read on for tips on you can you start shining and be confident in WHO YOU ARE!

1. STOP comparing. I know- e
asier said than done. You have to realize that you are YOU. You can't be that other person. So why not be the best version of you!  

2. Think positive. They say, "What you think about you bring about." If you're thinking unhappy thoughts, "I'm fat... no one likes me." You will only project that in your face, therefore those things will come true! Instead think, "I'm happy! I'm beautiful!" Just saying those words resonates a smile or excitment, you will FEEL that it's true! 

3. Accept Mistakes. Shiz happens.

4. Do what you love! Follow your dreams, if you daily think about the things you love, you will start to see opportunities open up to you that you thought never existed. You will be able to do what you love if you just keep focusing on your dreams!

5. Be who you want to be! It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you are not.

6. Don't let anyone define you. Be YOU, no one else is in charge of you you so why do they have a say in your life!

7. Set personal goals. If you want to lose weight, afford that dress, go on that vacation. Then set goals so that you can accomplish them and you'll be over the moon knowing YOU achieved your goals.

8. Make over! Sometimes we all need a little TLC or something new. Try a new hair style or nail polish color. Buying something brand new and different gives us a the feeling of a fresh start. 

9. Spend time with yourself. Get to know yourself. Being confident is all about learning to love YOU. So take time and be with YOU and find things you enjoy.

10. ALWAYS be comfortable with yourself. We all make mistakes, we're not perfect, but life isn't about being perfect. Life is about creating YOU. 

      Live Healthy - Live Confidently - Live Happy
Need some more help with gaining confidence? Send me a message or add me on Facebook and I will work one on one with you to help you become the woman you know you are!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

16 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight

     It can be EXTREMELY frustrating when you're following a fitness routine and choosing healthier foods, but STILL don't see results! Be sure to be taking before and after photos, and check your measurements, maybe you have some non-scale victories (YAY)! But if you still don't feel any change in the waistline or clothes still not feeling different, the scale is still not budging.. then maybe it's time to re-evaluate what you're doing and find the clue that could be holding you up from achieving your fitness goals!  

You Don't Eat Breakfast
BINGO! This is huge for wanting to lose weight! If you aren't eating breakfast in the morning then your metabolism is not waking up and working for you. Be sure to eat something within the hour that you wake up, preferably something filling that will give you lasting energy for your day: eggs, whole grain toast.. If you're in a hurry in the morning try drinking a meal replacement shake like Shakeology. But don't skip this important meal!

You Think Taking a Walk Is Enough
Ok be truthful here... are you actually giving your body a work-out? It's called a work-out for a reason, it WORKS your body! Don't take the easy road out, or else that'll be the results you get. Go for a RUN, or a bike ride, you need to get your heart rate up, if you want to see some changes!

You Overeat Healthy Foods 
You may think you're doing the right thing, but you can have too much of a good thing! You can have a huge salad with tons of protein, veggies, etc on it but you can be eating a 2,000 calorie salad in on meal! Practice portion control! What helped me learn how much to eat was the portion control containers I received with the 21 Day Fix. But be sure you're eating small meals, you can eat more often, just don't over eat even if it's healthy!

You Leave Out Food Groups
It's important to eat a BALANCED diet! If you're scared of carbs, don't be, there are good carbs out there too! They are called "complex" carbs and you actually need them to start leaning out. It's also important to eat plenty of veggies, fruits, and lean proteins. But eat a variety and not over eat. Like I said it's all about finding balance. Check out some meal plans here!

"Yeah don't put me down for cardio.."
I think we all know that famous line from Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect.. and in this instance she can be right! Your only form of exercise shouldn't just be cardio. Don't live on the treadmill, start lifting some weights. Weights will help you build muscle, and muscle will help you burn calories even after you've gotten off the treadmill. This applies to weight lifting as well, it's all about finding balance in your work outs, do a little bit of everything!

Your Boyfriend Doesn't Have the Same "Goals"
Doesn't it drive you crazy when your boyfriend/husband comes home with a big messy burger! Or maybe wants pizza every night for dinner! And he'll probably eat it and never gain a pound, but you're dying watching him eat it all. Well if you're serious enough about your weight loss and healthy journey, then he should understand and respect that of you. Sit down with him and come up with delicious options instead of the junk food. Make a compromise and express to him how important this is to you. As long as you find something tasty for both of you then he'll come around!

You Don't Sleep Enough
I am sure we all wish we could get some more sleep! But if you're stressed from multiple things, jobs, school, etc then be sure when you can to turn off the extras (TV, computer..) and get some extra Zzzs.. Your body needs more time to recuperate and regenerate. So give it some recovery time so it can start giving you the body you want!

You Don't Drink Water
Be sure to be drinking half your weight in ounces each day! Drink more if you body asks for it! But your body needs plenty of watch for it to stay hydrated and help you get throughout the day! Also in aiding with your weight loss, drink a glass of water 30 minutes before each meal and it will help you stay full longer.

You're on a Diet. Well, Sort Of . . .
Let's face it! We all start a diet, and then we have off days! The only thing I can really say is, remember WHY you started. You want results right? Well it's much easier to keep going then to start over every week! Don't give up, keep you eyes on the prize and you'll get there much faster than having too many cheat meals! 

You're Addicted to Condiments and Toppings
This could be where those pesky extra calories are coming from! You may think you're choosing the best option and going with a salad but then your dousing your healthy greens with calorie filled dressings, bacon bits, cheese crumbs, and croutons! Find ways to spruce up your meals with healthier alternatives, oils instead of dressings, veggies instead of croutons.. It may be hard at first but the longer you stay consistent your body will stop craving these empty calories!

You Eat Without Thinking 
How many times do you grab something to munch on just for no reason? Pop something in your mouth because it's sitting there. Or think you NEED something to eat while you're watching TV... I know I am a HUGE emotional eater and it can be very hard to become aware of, so try this trick! Start a Food Journal. Keep a mini notepad with you all day and every time you eat something write it down. It will OPEN your eyes to how much and how often you eat! You'll be less likely to grab that handful of chocolate kisses if you have to stay accountable and write it down!

You Still Drink Soda
Seriously? Stop! Look at people who drink Diet soda even, they still aren't thin. So don't let the word "diet" fool you. Once you start eating a clean diet, and if you drink a soda you will feel completely bloated afterwards, and I'll tell you it's very uncomfortable! So stick to waters or teas if you need something to sip on! Add some lemon, mint, or different berries to boost up the flavor! 

You Don't Eat Enough
You're just starving yourself! Like I mentioned before eat small meals, but more often. The key is to keep your metabolism burning. If you aren't fueling your body and your metabolism, then your body is just storing the food you did eat as fat. So keep eating, just do it right!

You Overindulge in "Low Fat" Foods
I talked about balance before, and how "diet" drinks aren't actually that great for you. Well so is "low-fat" foods. Your body needs a balance so be sure to stick to foods that your great grandparents would eaten! They didn't go for that low fat mayo, they had foods they had grown and raised on their land. So do the same and you won't be needing "low fat" anything!

You're Always Dining Out Stop the alcohol
There's a reason why restaurants don't show you all their ingredients.. because there is soo much hidden in the foods! The reason why restaurant food is so tasty is because they cook with tons of oils and butters. Stay close to home, your wallet and your waistline will thank you! Another point, drinking on the weekends or regularly will not help you get that six pack or lose that extra weight. Once you drink alcohol it immediately turns to pure sugar in your system and you'll store it. So skip the drinks and enjoy a home cooked meal in stead!

It's ok to enjoy a cheat meal here and there! I actually recommend it that way you don't go overboard when you feel restricted by your diet. So have a piece of cake, or that slice of pizza. The important part is that you have more healthy meals then unhealthy! You won't gain weight just from that one meal, as long as you keep it only as one meal! Gotta enjoy our treats here and there!

     The biggest thing you can remember is JUST KEEP GOING. Don't give up just because you don't see results right away, remember you didn't put the weight on in one day so it's going to take more than one day to see it gone! So just keep up what you're doing and you'll be sure to get there! One day at a time, you're getting closer!

If you need more motivation or would like one on one help, 
be sure to message me I would love to help you so you can start seeing your goals!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bombshell Tea Party

    This past weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a Tea Party for my lovely Bombshells (aka my Team of Coaches). It being summer time, a lot of them couldn't make it, but I am so grateful to the beautiful ladies who did! Because we had a blast! Have you ever thrown a Tea Party? I think my last Tea Party I had was my 8th Birthday!! Haha that's what makes it so fun, recreating childhood parties as an adult. Gotta keep yourself young and still love to play!

Enjoy some photos and ideas on how to host your own fabulous tea party!!

Be sure to pick a pretty location, try a nearby park, 
or maybe your backyard has a nice space! 

Have lots of flowers! Flowers bring the femininity to a tea party. Create multiple bouquets in different sizes. You can find vases in a variety of shapes and sizes at your local thrift store! 

Find silver trays to display your cute treats! 

Display your teas! You are in fact at a TEA party! Find teas at your local Whole Foods store, also be sure to have a selection for your guests to have plenty of fun flavors to choose from! 

You can find all kind of fun tea cakes or tarts in your bakery. Or you can try making some of your own! Pinterest has lots of great recipes for tea inspired treats! I made these mini PB&J sandwiches myself and used a cookie cutter to shape the white bread! Super easy and makes your sandwiches ADORABLE!

Emilee and Robin
Invite your sweet guests!

Be sure to wear something cute and frilly! Something you'd see the Queen of England wear! And don't forget your floppy hat!

And of course take cute pictures with your friends while enjoying your tea party!!

Don't forget you're never too old to have fun!

Will I see you at our next event? Isn't about time you were a Bombshell? 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

6 Tips to Help Sore Muscles

Hahaha I hope you enjoyed my friend Caleb Thomas' video "Leg Day"!!

       Let me guess you can barely walk today... going down the stairs looks like a nightmare. Going to the bathroom is just out of the question. I know for me there are some days I can't even roll over in bed, or even put a t-shirt on!!
Owwwww owowowowwwwie!!

If it's killing you to deal with this then 
try these 6 Tips to help relieve your pain!

1. Water
Duh! You should be drinking plenty of water before, during, and after your work out! Keeping your body hydrated will help relieve some of that tightness as well as not make your muscles cramp! Don't know how much you should be drinking? Try drinking AT LEAST half your body weight in ounces. I weight 150lbs so I drink at least 75oz a day. So drink up!!

2. Work-Out
Wha? But I'm already sore, and I think it'll kill me to even try! Actually it won't you big baby! You'll actually feel so much better once you start getting your body moving again. Don't work out as hard as you did to get sore in the first place but get your body warmed up. Once you get beyond the initial pain, "Ouch ouchie..eee not happenin..." your body will release the tension and you'll no longer be sore! So get back out there- your body will thank you!

3. Stretch
You don't necessarily need to stretch before a work out, but a warm up is always required so you don't hurt yourself and you get your blood flowin! But be sure to stretch after your work out. Don't run off after you're finished and forget everything you just did. Take 5 minutes and stretch out those muscles that just worked so hard! Stretching will reduce muscle soreness!

4. Massage /Foam Roller
OK trust me I don't have a personal masseuse either but that's where my foam roller comes in handy! But if you can, maybe after an intense week, treat yourself to a massage. Or get your boyfriend to do that! You can thank me later for what happens next!! ;) Haha jk! But if you don't have a willing hand or local massage place, grab yourself a foam roller! Use it to roll out all your kinks, and trust me it hurts bad at first, but it'll feel better the more you do it! Need some foam rolling exercises click here!

5. Epsom Salt Bath
Alright now that you're all rolled out, give yourself a mini spa experience! Take a bath! Run some warm water and pour some epsom salts in it. This will be a nice relaxing break for you and you'll let your body just soak and you'll feel so much better afterwards.

6. Rest
Hey imagine that! Your body is tired after all that work! It's ok to take a day off and just let yourself recooperate. An important part of working out is also giving your body time to heal after you've ripped and stretched your muscles. Then they can grow back bigger and stronger. So take a load off, put your feet up, or head to bed early. You deserve it after all your hard work!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

PiYo Update

          I started my own Support Group via FB for the program PiYo and we're calling it the "PiYo Party". It's a party because everyday it's so fun to check in with each other and share our sweaty work out pics as well as recipes, and any other motivation or support that has helped us. So far my girls and I are already into Week 3 of PiYo!! Holy cow that went fast! And let me tell you this program is a complete change of pace compared to the other programs I've done (Insanity, Brazil Butt Lift, 21 Day Fix...) It is so much slower! And it's actually quite refreshing...  In our daily lives most of us are constantly GO GO GO GOING, but with PiYo it forces you to slow down, focus on your breathing, focus on your form, and feel the exercise and stretch.

  This third week is my first week of the work out "Buns"- holy cow favorite routine yet! 30 minutes of lower body work and boy can you feel it in your booty the entire time! I've done a bunch of other butt work outs before but I felt this was a great combo of all of them, so I cannot wait to see the results from it!

   A lot of people feel that the only way to lose weight is by dying in a pool of sweat on the floor. But this isn't the only way. Some people don't even sweat, some people don't even feel sore after an intense work out. Everyone's genetics are different so don't compare yourself to others. I've seen a lot of varied results so far with PiYo so just understand that your body IS getting healthy, and yes you won't be dying at the end of a work out but you are improving and lengthening your body. My friend has improved her posture and no longer has back pain after only 4 weeks. Just like with the Ultimate Reset, you may not see immediate results on the outside but rest assured you are changing, just give it time and keep it up!

Here's a few comments from my girls from PiYo Party:

"I loved buns! That workout is my new favorite!"

"Also, I have only had one bite of something sugary in the last week! My whole family had ice cream last night but not me  Didn't even want it."

 "I am doing core for the first time tonight and I am excited about that one. I am not sure which one I like the most. I really like them all. For someone who has a regular yoga practice I have to say that they all challenge me. This is why it is PiYo and not Yoga. I am happy though because it is helping me with my yoga. I guess because it is pushing me. Love it!"

"So I weighed myself today... And I am now 128 lbs. haven't been under 130 in a couple years. Definitely happy news."

"Forgot a pic but did Buns today and boy my outer thighs were burning! Had chicken fajitas for dinner and planned for dinner by eating less earlier today."

"I just wanted to share a success I had this morning with you. I tried on a pair of pants this morning that have always been tight on my thighs (even pregnancy). I wore them a couple of weeks ago but they were still tight on my thighs. Well this morning I put them on and they're not tight anymore!"

"Had a strawberry-vanilla-banana shakeo on the way to work for breakfast! Still sore but a different kind of sore than usual strength training...sort of a fatigue/fainlty-sore-all-over kind of thing. Which is awesome."

Check out some of the moves of PiYo below....

Don't make fun of my downward dog- room for improvement!

Wonderful stretch!

Be sure to check back next week for my 30 Day Results!